Why iVANet?

In the US and developed countries, the competition for a faculty position and research funding is increasingly intense. Disciplines where a second time postdoc is rare, now, see even a third as a norm. Academic life is much tougher, particularly for junior academics such as postdocs and assistant professors. The competition for opportunities in academia is even tougher for many first generation overseas Vietnamese, who are at certain disadvantages in terms of language, culture, and academic politics. Currently, there are more than 800 overseas Vietnamese faculties in various disciplines in the iVANet.org directory, from the sciences, engineering to arts, music and humanities, with many more postdocs and researchers not yet listed. Unfortunately, they are scattered around the world and are not connected. We believe that creating the International Vietnamese Academics Network (iVANet.org) will bring together fellow academics of Vietnamese background, and by sharing experience, iVANET will not only help our pursuit of academic and research career but also ensure a better future in academia for our younger generations.

The mission of iVANet is to connect and empower overseas Vietnamese academics around the world. To realize that mission, iVANet will provide a forum and support network to address the concerns and scientific development needs of overseas Vietnamese academics.

We envision iVANet to be the place where:

  • Our members in postdoctoral transitional positions can ask for feedback on their job applications or presentations;
  • Our assistant professors can seek for feedback on their ideas,on strategies for research funding, and/or help with tenured issues;
  • We learn about trends and opportunities in different domains;
  • We brainstorm for interdisciplinary research ideas and form teams to seek larger funding opportunities;
  • We provide a support network for one another;
  • And with all these, we build a family, an iVANet family.

iVANet is only as strong as its weakest member. So let us help individual members grow strong and in turn build a strong iVANet family.

If you are an iVANet member, please share this message. If you are an overseas postdoc, researcher, or faculty and not yet a member, you can join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ivanet.org/.